SETS 6000

Hanseatic has invested in the purchase of Seafarer Evaluation and Training System (SETS 6000) from Videotel in London to better assess and help improve seafarer's knowledge and skills. The System contains 6,000 questions for seafarer evaluation and training. It is a powerful computer based testing package designed to assess that the standards of training and competence are maintained at the STCW defined level. SETS 6000 is a key tool for competency based testing as required by STCW '95.

Seaboard Security

To address increasing security threats faced by the International Shipping Industry, Hanseatic provides all embarking crew, regardless of rank, in-house training on Shipboard Security covering the principles of security management. The course conducted by Marine Captains, is delivered through lectures with printed course materials and video presentation. It has increased the crew's awareness of their contribution in making the ship, passengers, crew and cargo safe and secure at all times. A written examination on those topics caps the seafarer's training session.

ISM Training

In addition, seafarers participate in the International Safety Management (ISM) training conducted according to the Principal's procedures and regulations. The effectiveness of lecture type training, with course materials specific to a Principal and video presentation, is assessed through a written examination.