Since 1998, Hanseatic is using a fully computerized system, Maritime Personnel System 2 (MPS2) to manage all stages of crew deployment from POEA contracts signing and flight arrangement until actual departure.

MPS is a computer-based program that stores all data relating to the seafarer data on training, certificates obtained, sea service, wages, contracts, etc. Any information required by the Principals and crew themselves is processed in a fast, accurate and complete manner.

All of this information is accessible to our clients via our Maritime Personnel System: Internet Extension or MPSi to access pertinent documents and view crew line-up, thus reducing the processing lead-time considerably. Clients will have easy access to any information they may require. All these are being done by Hanseatic to prove its commitment to better serve our clients.

Hanseatic also acts as a filing agent for the Liberia International Ship & Corporate Registry for Liberia Seafarer Identification & Record Books, Special Qualification Certificates and Officer Certificates of Competency.

Accounting Services

On a monthly basis, Company processes the crew's monthly Home Allotments. An efficient, accurate and timely seafarer payroll is produced every month through a fully computerized process.

Assistance is provided to the seafarers for their financial needs before embarkation. The collection of this financial assistance is materialized upon embarkation at no extra cost to the crew.